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National Pig Day

Not only is today the first day of March, it’s also National Pig day, the holiday where we honor our favorite pink mammal. But, how can we celebrate in Phoenixville?

Celebrate National pig day by having a meal in a pig’s honor at Bacon Me Crazy, a recently-opened eatery in downtown Phoenixville that specializes in meals made with bacon.

The chefs at Bacon me crazy can whip up a number of delicious treats, ranging from bacon wrapped mozzarella sticks, to pancake battered bacon, or even bacon cinnamon rolls. On the go and can’t enjoy a bacon-themed meal in store? No worries, there’s a designated small market, where you can buy products like bacon by the pound, or pastries like cinnamon rolls, muffins, or brownies.

All of Bacon Me Crazy’s pork products are farm raised and fed a vegetarian, antibiotic free diet. Want to celebrate the pig, without eating meat? Bacon Me Crazy has you covered. owner Wes Reeser has made sure to include vegan specials that change every day.

You’ll find this new eatery at 119 main street, the former home of the Moose Lodge.

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